Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 26

A World of Joy

I have a new blog friend, Melissa Kline,  who is working on a novel, “New Beginning.” It is a science-fiction novel for young adults. Also, she writes a blog, “Reflections on Writing.” Melissa offers insights, exercises and tools to inspire the creative writing process. On Tuesday her post, “The Terrarium Project,” inspired me to share the following short story of …

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Feb 22

Toons-Day: Inside Job

Three Penguins,

What your mind tells you may not be accurate. Using mindfulness skills helps you create a perspective of noticing your mind. Learn to be aware of your mind by becoming the observer. Rather than fusing with your thoughts as if they are reality you can learn to see your thoughts for what they actually are. Thoughts.    If you like …

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Feb 19

7 Tips for Procrastinators

Unfinished art

  My friend and fellow facilitator, Christine Allison, has some timely advice about procrastination. I like her focus on “experiential avoidance.” You and I can both learn to be with our uncomfortable feelings and still move toward our desired (valued) goals. I invite you to take time to review her tips and get back with me.  I would love to …

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Feb 15

Zebra Stress

Zebra Stripes Unraveled

The stripes on the zebra  say a lot about how stress can effect your life. I would love to hear your story.   What are your secrets to handling stress? What works? What doesn’t work? I invite you to share your tips with us. Un-done Glad you stoped in.  

Feb 12

Self Love

Cat Bot with Heart & Earphone

I sat down at the computer to write this week’s blog knowing that Valentine’s Day is on Monday. While searching my heart for a topic I found myself at a loss for a subject that felt sincere.  Repeatedly, I asked myself, “What shall I write about?  In searching my mind I realized my heart felt …

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Feb 05

What Energizes You?

Do you know what energizes you? How do you re-charge yourself? What drains your energy? By asking yourself these questions you will have a greater understanding of how to “feed” your spirit. I am an extrovert and like being among people. Consequently, after several very cold days and staying inside at home I developed cabin fever. …

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