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Dec 06

Plan Ahead: Best Gift of the Season

Hugs Help

  Popular media portrays the holidays as a time of joy, happiness and peace with plenty of money to buy your loved ones tons of gifts and then shower them with unconditional love. Materialism and consumerism are a part of the feel-goodism of our culture.  There is a disconnect between the images of popular media …

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Jul 28

Take ACTion Training and Workshops

Life is hectic. Have you made plans then been sidetracked with chaos or crises and then struggled to get back in the flow of things? The first half of the year my time was devoted to a sick family member, my son. He was in kidney failure and needed a transplant. The good news – …

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Apr 05

Righteous Indignation: The Drug of Choice for Humans

I participate in an on-line ACT discussion forum for professionals with clinicians and scientists to discuss current conceptual, scientific, and practice developments in ACT and RFT (Relational Frame Theory). I find the topics interesting one in particular caught my attention by Hank Robb. I first met  the wise Dr. Hank Robb at a ACT training in …

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Feb 23

Don’t be a Walker (Zombie): Breaking Out of Corpus Delicti

Walking Dead Here’s the deal. Walkers (Zombies) lack vitality. They possess no meaningful life. They are victims in the form of a dead body moving through life empty with non-functional and missing parts. Are you a Walker? When you hold onto past injustices you are left holding onto the role of a Walker (Zombie).  First, …

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Jan 11

How to Complete Your To Do List (Even If You’re a Procrastinator)

Once upon a time there was an important project waiting to be completed that would be of benefit to you and those around you and it never got done. Gasp!! Have you ever set out to complete a long term project just to find yourself distracted by other tasks that seem to get in the …

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Nov 23

Change Your Life with the Power of AND

What I learned from life coaching is simple and amazing and can change your life. This little trick helped me reduce my stress level and enlarged my world of opportunities. When I share this tip with clients they are dumbfounded by the simplicity of AND. It is a three step process which can take less …

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Jul 09

Get Rid of Un-Necessary Suffering with Jerry Seinfeld (Part 2)

Survival Corrosion How can being good at surviving be bad for living a vital life? This situation is what I call Survival Corrosion. In the last post I introduced the concept of Survival Corrosion as the result of the mind’s fine-tuned ability to insure we survive both as individuals and as a species. Symptoms of …

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Dec 10

How to be a Little Happier During the Holidays

Popular media portrays the holidays as a time of joy, happiness and peace with plenty of money to buy your loved ones tons of gifts and then shower them with unconditional love. I don’t know much about this kind of holiday but I do know a thing or two about the disconnect between the images …

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Apr 15

Puke in Your Mouth

I found this cartoon and thought how important perspective and interpretation can be when we make meaning of the events in our lives. Also, I have attached some poems from a fabulous website for poets called Hello Poetry. Check it out.  If you are a writer and want to contribute all are welcome. I am …

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Dec 31

Infinity and Now

As I move through the holiday season towards the beginning of a new year I ponder how I live life, in what manner I live my life,  and if I have shown up in a way that works at being the kind of person I want to know. Would I pick me for a friend, an …

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