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Mar 29

4 Questions for Vacation (Life) Planning

      What can we learn about life from planning a spring break or summer vacation?  Sometimes we put more effort, energy and thought into planning a summer vacation than we do about planning what kind of life we want to be living. We get busy with the day to day routine and run …

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Oct 30

3 Lies About Changing Your Thoughts

This is a test. A test you can’t fail. I promise.  All you gotta do is fill in the blanks as you read the sentences below – about half way down the page. First I want to lay the groundwork for the test. Have you ever been told all you have to do is think positive and …

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Sep 03

Toons-day Tuesday: Pinterest

Have I told you I am hooked on Pinterest? I find beauty, humor, wisdom, travel ideas and so much more there. Below are some cartoons that keep a smile on my face and my work in perspective. The toons give me a chance laugh at myself. My thoughts on Waldo: We are a “Work in progress” and …

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Jun 24

Pictures and Poems to Inspire

How are you doing this summer? Do you need a little pampering? I do so I I have been spending time this summer reading poetry and playing on Pinterest. So much fun and relaxing. Music too. So I am going to share some of my pleasures with you. Enjoy: Follow Your Dreams: by Amanda Bradley Follow …

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Feb 28

Rebellion Against Your Mind

When I decide to “go for it” I generally feel better. I am not talking about being impulsive and careless. I am talking about the idea of self-efficacy. Can I do it? Do I believe I can do it?  Self-efficacy is the belief in your ability to succeed in a particular situation. When your mind …

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Jan 27

Thrive Like Betty White: Become Self-Directed.

I am named after Brenda Starr who was considered a prima donna and a feminist with a mind of her own. She was a role model for me to learn about being self-directed.  Brenda Starr ran in the Sunday comic for over 70 years. Hence, I spent most of my formative years pouring over her newspaper …

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Aug 16

10 Years from Now Where Will You Be?

Day by day, week by week, and year by year time will pass. What will you do with your time? How do you want to be in your life? What qualities do you want to develop over time? These questions are ancient and related to an existential issue of, “Why are we here? “ I …

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May 21

The Great Self-Confidence Hoax

Do you need to have self-confidence to pursue your dreams? There was a time I believed if I had more self-confidence I would have what a wanted. My wishes would come true. I believed I had to have self-confidence to ask for a promotion or raise. Also, I believed if I was more self-confident I …

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Feb 25

3 People I Admire: Who do You Admire?

This question, “Who do you admire,” came up at a fundraising dinner I attended last week. The question got me thinking about all the wonderful people who have made a difference in my life. There are many who have helped me along the way. My heart is full of gratitude towards those who extended their love and support …

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Feb 12

4 Important Questions to Ask About The Dark Side of Happiness

Yale psychologist June Gruber asked herself if it was possible to be too happy: Can happiness have a darkside for people not diagnosed with mental disorders? Gruber says, “Making the quest for happiness as a goal in your life may backfire.” Too much happiness has been associated with bi-polar disorder and mania. You can read …

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