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Sep 29

Evolution of the Dirty Mind:

Part 2 Last month you learned it is normal to want to escape pain with behaviors that help you survive as well as the human race to survive. Behaviors such as fight, flight and freeze are hard wired in each one of us and we can be grateful for these responses. If you watch a …

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Aug 28

Do You Have a Dirty Mind?

CLEAN PAIN Part 1: Now that I have your attention let’s first talk about the how the mind can turn clean into dirty. The way I am using clean and dirty are as concepts and processes applied to the experience of pain. Pain comes in many forms and is generally something we do not want …

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Jul 09

Get Rid of Un-Necessary Suffering with Jerry Seinfeld (Part 2)

Survival Corrosion How can being good at surviving be bad for living a vital life? This situation is what I call Survival Corrosion. In the last post I introduced the concept of Survival Corrosion as the result of the mind’s fine-tuned ability to insure we survive both as individuals and as a species. Symptoms of …

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Jan 30

10 Domains of Recovery

I met Kristina a few months ago on a social media platform. I checked out her website Ten Keys, A Holistic Approach to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse. I was delighted with what I found. She brings together a concise and well organized resource for people who are on the journey of healing from childhood sexual …

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Sep 25

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Harvest Your Wisdom or Lose 50% of the Gain from Pain

Stop! Don’t run off. Read part One to learn about step one and step two. Pain offers a harvest for you to be able to gather wisdom from and live a better life. When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering, “How did I get in this mess,” it is time to …

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May 21

WHAT NEXT? When You’re Hooked

What happens next when you get hooked? No, not hooked on drugs. I am talking about being hooked by a trigger: a trigger in the environment outside your head or the environment inside you head. Here is how the story goes: Once upon a time you are going about your day in the smooth flow …

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Apr 15

Puke in Your Mouth

I found this cartoon and thought how important perspective and interpretation can be when we make meaning of the events in our lives. Also, I have attached some poems from a fabulous website for poets called Hello Poetry. Check it out.  If you are a writer and want to contribute all are welcome. I am …

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Nov 22

The Truth about the Delusion of The Secret and Think Positive

Do you like quick learning opportunities where the information is immediately useful? I do. And RSA You Tube offers some wonderful opportunities to indulge yourself without giving up a lot of time. The RSA animated presentations don’t even try to sell you anything.  I could jump up and down with joy in pure pleasure to learn something in …

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Oct 30

3 Lies About Changing Your Thoughts

This is a test. A test you can’t fail. I promise.  All you gotta do is fill in the blanks as you read the sentences below – about half way down the page. First I want to lay the groundwork for the test. Have you ever been told all you have to do is think positive and …

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Sep 25

Healing from Childhood Trauma

A friend of mine told me a secret she had been carrying for twenty years. She was sexually molested when she was a child. She went on to tell me she felt a horrible shame all of her life about what happened to her. The trauma left her feeling broken, damaged and unworthy. The effects …

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