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Jun 26

Get Rid of Un-necessary Suffering with Jerry Seinfeld (Part 1)

Risk   How many times do you think about taking a large or small risk socially, romantically, or at work and you don’t? About what percentage of the time do you go for the less risky option and take the safe option (do nothing)? How well do you like the results of taking the safe option? …

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Apr 17

5 Strategies that Will KEEP You at the Bottom

Do you feel alone? You say you want to connect to people and you wish someone was there for you when you are down and out. You wish you could turn to someone who will listen. It is not unusual to feel alone in the world from time to time. However if you feel this …

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Sep 25

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Harvest Your Wisdom or Lose 50% of the Gain from Pain

Stop! Don’t run off. Read part One to learn about step one and step two. Pain offers a harvest for you to be able to gather wisdom from and live a better life. When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering, “How did I get in this mess,” it is time to …

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Sep 25

Healing from Childhood Trauma

A friend of mine told me a secret she had been carrying for twenty years. She was sexually molested when she was a child. She went on to tell me she felt a horrible shame all of her life about what happened to her. The trauma left her feeling broken, damaged and unworthy. The effects …

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Sep 17

Warning: Stress is NOT the Enemy

Have I told you I am a fan of TED Talks? I came across this one by Kelly McGonigal and I believe the message and research findings are consistent with the type of therapy I use. If you don’t know about the type of therapy I use, it is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). …

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Aug 27

Escape is Not Possible

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the effect pictures have on my emotions. Pictures, as much as books, led me to a fantasy land. In the land of fantasy, as a child and an adult, I can explore who I am – noticing the story my mind creates when looking into the picture. …

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Dec 04

The Thick Nhat Hanh “Thay” Cure for Toxic Shame

Shame about shame can lead to more intense deeper feelings of shame turning it into toxic shame. Nobody likes to feel shame! The attempt to avoid shame feelings, when turned inside out and cast upon others, is at the root of many interpersonal relationship problems. Toxic shame is coupled with the drive to avoid and are the seeds of low …

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Dec 29

My Secret to Living a Better Life Rather Than a Bitter Life

Forgiveness is a big part of my life because I find I can live a better life rather than a bitter life. It means I can bend but not break when I have suffered the heavy weight of being injured. The way I do this is by fostering my resilience. We could spend our time …

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Oct 01

Values: Family Relations

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my grandchildren. I feel a special warmth inside myself when I can set outside and watch them explore nature, run, laugh and giggle. They are so curious and innocent. Precious is the word I use to describe them. Their sweet little kisses on my …

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Sep 16

Values: Life Domains – Career/Employment and Education/Personal Growth & Development

Student at chalkboard

The last two weeks of August I was on vacation pursuing some fun and leisure. Since I have been back I have been playing catch-up. I am close to being on track for being in my regular routine. Hence, I have the next two life domains for you to explore. Just a reminder: it helps …

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