Oct 12

DVAM and World Mental Health Day

Today I am taking a  break from the posts on values I have been writing. I want to mention a couple of causes being recognized in the media. I feel the causes are important.

Do you know what DVAM stands for? Well, it stands for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I came across a tweet by CNN reporter Richelle Carey who highlighted an article in the Huffington Post/Women section.

Headline by John Hanna:

Domestic Violence Law Repealed By Lawmakers In Topeka, Kansas

 ….budget cuts would force it to drop its prosecution of misdemeanors occurring within Topeka’s city limits and “of greatest concern are domestic violence cases…

The article is worth the read.

Pain and Suffering

The other cause I want to mention is World Mental Health Day. It was Monday (10/10), hence, I am late on the mention.  Anyway, I read Psych Central and they hosted their very first World Mental Health Day Blog Party resulting in over 80 entries.  There are topics and personal stories for everyone.

One of the articles that caught my eye is Lessons Learned From a Bipolar Dad. The author is Chato B.  Stewart. He is the guy with the cartoons I often feature on Toons-day Tuesday. You can see a more serious side to him.

One last post I want to mention is Dr. Kathleen Young: Treating Trauma.  She gives a complete definition of trauma and then explains the impact of trauma.

I believe there is a link between domestic violence and mental health issues. What do you think?

Too much

 (C) 2011, Brenda Bomgardner, MA, NCC



  1. Chato from Mental health Humor

    Thanks Brenda for checking out the more serious side of me in my Mental health Day blog party post. Please feel free to keep posting any of the cartoons you think your readers my like.

    Please feel free to pass along my 2010 cartoon e-book Free Mental health humor e-book

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Thanks for visiting. I am a fan of your cartoons. When I post cartoons it is usually on Toons-day Tuesday. I am glad you included a link to your Free Mental Health humor e-book. Humor serves a purpose in our healing journey.

      I found my humor when a loved one said to me, “Don’t take yourself so serious. Lighen-up. Get a sense of humor.”

      Also, I like Barry Erdman’s humor page. He has an audio clip with Adam Sandler, The Farting Hypnotist. Everytime I listen to it i about fall out of my chair laughing.

      Warmly, Brenda

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