Aug 27

Escape is Not Possible

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with the effect pictures have on my emotions. Pictures, as much as books, led me to a fantasy land. In the land of fantasy, as a child and an adult, I can explore who I am – noticing the story my mind creates when looking into the picture. I am especially drawn to nature.

Nederlands: MCDonalds Winterswijk

Of course, as a child, my favorite Play Place was NOT  McDonalds but the miniature swamp behind the school. Tadpoles, dragon flies and crawdads were the creatures who captured my attention. Aliens, in the wild. Even the dry dirt under the back porch held mysteries of ant lions hiding in the concave traps waiting for their prey – ants.

Sometimes, with curious observation, I would become an ant hunter just so I could drop the little critters into the ant lion’s trap and watch them struggle to climb out and escape.

It has become apparent to me we try to escape the inescapable in our own lives – our minds. Yep, we are a bit like the ant in a situation where we can’t get out of our mind. Furthermore, the harder we try the greater the struggle. Anxiety and panic set in. Like a growing monster all my energy, focus, and time become consumed with escape and then what. Frustration, anger and maybe even depression set in. Does this sound familiar?

What is the answer to the problem. How do we escape our own minds? We don’t!  We can’t! We can learn to live a life focused on what matters most. We can make room for what our minds carry around which is our history. A history of joy, fear, disappointment and memories (both good & bad). We can have our memories of dragon flies, crawdads, frogs and horned toads. I am a person who understands the problem of control in an effort to escape. I work on acceptance within my life and do the same with people who come for therapy. In a collaborative therapeutic relationship we can work towards what matters most to you. If you are curious about how all this can work for you give me a call or drop an email to me.

Meanwhile I want to share a few photos and some thoughts about life.


Dragonfly picture


I believe….

We don’t have to change friends,

If we understand friends change


tadpole buddies

I Believe…

Two people can look at the exact same thing

And see something totally different.


broken trees 1JPG

I Believe…

That you can do something in an instant

That will give you heartache for life.



create a buzz

I Believe…
That you shouldn’t be
So eager to find out a secret.
It could change your life forever.



I Believe…

You can’t believe everything your mind tells you.


Reflective Mountain lake

Reflective Mountain lake



I believe…

A moment of solitude,

Is worthy a pound of serenity.


How does your history show up in your life today? How can you harvest the power of yesterday in your world today. I’d love to hear about your life lessons.

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(c) 2013 Brenda Bomgardner, MA, LPC, NCC, BCC

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  1. Roz

    Nice to know that you believe 🙂

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Roz, thank you for visiting my blog. Warmly ~

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