Dec 31

Infinity and Now

As I move through the holiday season towards the beginning of a new year I ponder how I live life, in what manner I live my life,  and if I have shown up in a way that works at being the kind of person I want to know. Would I pick me for a friend, an employee or boss? Would I pick me for a mom or wife? Most the time “YES” I would pick me. How about you? Don’t fool yourself now. Be honest with yourself. Now, if you are not what can you do different?

When I do fall short of being the kind of person I strive to be it is often because I am not in the here and now in my awareness. Being aware in the present moment is the key to connecting with the inner part of what I cherish as being important to me. Although I practice mindfulness, it is easy to get caught up in the future of what next or the past of what is gone. This is more so when I feel stressed. How about you? Do you return to automatic and programed behavior when stressed?

However, recently I did take some time to listen to some awesome new music. I find when I hear new music (new means stuff I have not heard before) with no personal history attached to it like memories of prior relationships or events. When I hear new music I get into it with full abandon. My experience is consumed with the nuances of the sounds, the movements of the musician and I surrender to letting the music move me. Do you have activities that allow you to more easily engage in the “now” of the moment? Sometimes, when I am cooking new recipes I experience a clear connection to the present moment.

A lot of people experience the “now” when watching children play or a baby coo. Hence, you might be spending time with family through the holidays and into the new year. See if you can be present with what is and let go of ruminating over the past and worry over the future. I am not saying forget about it all. I am suggesting  you practice mindfulness in the moment which may allow you the freedom of choice on what you want to turn your attention towards.

You can choose to focus on children’s laughter or tears. You can focus on the experience of food for all the sensual pleasures it can provide. You can focus on the sounds that echo in a room full of people without hearing the words. The message I am delivering is, “life is lived in the present moment.” Live! Live now! Life whole heartedly!

I am leaving you with a chance to be in the present with an amazing guitarist I discovered on a TED talk. Take some time and enjoy Kaki King.  Also, what do you think of her message about infinity and now?

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  1. Roz Ann

    Happiest of New Years to you Brenda and family!
    I was happy to see this post this morning in email.

    I have no ability to live in the moment sadly.
    I get no joy whatsoever out of life and no amount of ‘fixing’ can fix it.

    However, I do have faith.
    That keeps me living.

    The girl in the video is very talented and seems to have a good handle on life which shows in her music.

    Thanks for a wonderful New Years morning gift. Blessings on you.

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Roz Ann, I am saddened to hear you get no joy out of life and “fixing” doesn’t fix it. I believe you are right on about fixing the “bad stuff” we have experienced and even the day to day struggles can be difficult. It sounds like you have tried to do all the logical things to solve the problem of pain. Sometimes, living in the moment is what allows us to turn to attention to our faith in the “now” and acknowledge there is pain and suffering.

      As a therapist and fellow human I can attest all of us humans have pain. And I can also say “suffering” is when we humans try to escape the in-escapable contents of our mind and body. I call that “unworkable” struggle “dirty” pain. In other words, there is clean pain, which is what we all have to some degree, and then dirty pain which is when we create a situation of constant struggling. It is this struggle that exacerbates our pain. It sounds to me like you have the ability to turn attention to your faith and live with the experience of what faith brings to you.

      Lastly, I am honored to have connections to people in the community like you and your warmth and kindness. Thank you for the New Year greeting. Wishing you peace and joy.

  2. Roz Ann

    Yes to struggle and wrestle rather than acknowledge the pain and give in to letting it go makes good sense to me.
    At this moment, I am trying to get lost in one of my fav movies..The Perfect Storm, which does coincide with your post I believe.
    Not any of us humans will escape the storm, but to live peacefully as possible in it seems a good thing to try to accomplish.
    And me too, I am honored to be able to connect with your freely shared wisdom here.
    Thanks again Brenda.
    I can only hope to help another in this life somehow.

  3. Brenda Bomgardner

    Being the authentic voice you share here is helpful. Thank you again. I’ll have to watch the movie….enjoy.

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