Jun 24

Pictures and Poems to Inspire

How are you doing this summer? Do you need a little pampering? I do so I I have been spending time this summer reading poetry and playing on Pinterest. So much fun and relaxing. Music too. So I am going to share some of my pleasures with you. Enjoy:

Follow Your Dreams: by Amanda Bradley

Follow your dream.

Take one step at a time and don’t settle for less,



Just continue to climb.
Follow your dream.



If you stumble, don’t stop and lose sight of your goal
Press to the top.


For only on top can we see the whole view,
Can we see what we’ve done and what we can do;
Can we then have the vision to seek something new,

Arabian Nights

Press on.
Follow your dream.




I hope you like the poem. I am big supporter of following your dreams and I love this one by Amanda Bradley. She has authored two book of poems. I have not read the books although I am a fan of her writings.

1. Oz at Night, October 2011, NYQ Books

2. Hints and Allegations, September 2009, NYQ Books

All the art is from Maxfield Parish (180-7966).  I have been drawn to his pictures since in my teens. I bought a Maxfield  poster book when I was 17 years old and it still sits on my coffee table.  I love the way he uses light and the dream like images are often cast in a setting of nature that feels like a fantasy world.

I am sharing this poem and the artwork because I believe you can make time for allowing beautiful things into your life. Even a short pause through the day to listen to music or take a moment to look at the painting in the hall at work. This takes being mindfully aware of your surroundings and then actually noticing.

What have you noticed this week that leaves you feeling there is beauty in the world.


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(C) 2013 Copyright Brenda Bomgardner


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  1. Jo Casey

    This is a beautiful post Brenda – you’re right, we all need to remember the beautiful things – especially when we’re going through dark times. Myself, I find nature inspirational – right now for example, I can focus on the lush greens of early summer reflected in the trees and plants outside my house.

  2. Brenda Bomgardner

    Jo Casey, Welcome to my blog. Glad to have you visit.
    I love to get out in nature or look out my window at the sky, trees, flowers. I take hikes in the Rocky Mountains every chance I get. Nature offers it’s own healing power. Of course when we heal we grow our resilience.

    Since resilience building is your specialty what other advice do you have for growing more resilience?

  3. Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC

    I was just thinking of you this morning, Brenda, and decided to drop in. Imagine my delight to see you bobbing around in Pinterest and poems! How lovely! Wishing you all things beautiful and a little self-indulgence, too!

  4. Brenda Bomgardner

    We must be on the same wave length as you too were on my mind. Hmmm. I have been lurking around your blog and Pinterest boards. You have done an amazing job at organizing you boards. Did you change your Pinterest account to a business page? If so do you still have a personal one?

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