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Dec 06

Plan Ahead: Best Gift of the Season

Hugs Help

  Popular media portrays the holidays as a time of joy, happiness and peace with plenty of money to buy your loved ones tons of gifts and then shower them with unconditional love. Materialism and consumerism are a part of the feel-goodism of our culture.  There is a disconnect between the images of popular media …

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Jul 28

Take ACTion Training and Workshops

Life is hectic. Have you made plans then been sidetracked with chaos or crises and then struggled to get back in the flow of things? The first half of the year my time was devoted to a sick family member, my son. He was in kidney failure and needed a transplant. The good news – …

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Apr 05

Righteous Indignation: The Drug of Choice for Humans

I participate in an on-line ACT discussion forum for professionals with clinicians and scientists to discuss current conceptual, scientific, and practice developments in ACT and RFT (Relational Frame Theory). I find the topics interesting one in particular caught my attention by Hank Robb. I first met  the wise Dr. Hank Robb at a ACT training in …

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Sep 25

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Harvest Your Wisdom or Lose 50% of the Gain from Pain

Stop! Don’t run off. Read part One to learn about step one and step two. Pain offers a harvest for you to be able to gather wisdom from and live a better life. When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering, “How did I get in this mess,” it is time to …

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Jul 11

3 Steps to Master Learning by Doing

It really stinks to jump into the deep end of the pool and not be able to swim. I almost drowned. I thought I was prepared. Really! I am serious. I looked at the pictures in the book, Learn How to Swim in 4 Easy Strokes. I read all the content with full comprehension. I …

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May 21

WHAT NEXT? When You’re Hooked

What happens next when you get hooked? No, not hooked on drugs. I am talking about being hooked by a trigger: a trigger in the environment outside your head or the environment inside you head. Here is how the story goes: Once upon a time you are going about your day in the smooth flow …

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Nov 22

The Truth about the Delusion of The Secret and Think Positive

Do you like quick learning opportunities where the information is immediately useful? I do. And RSA You Tube offers some wonderful opportunities to indulge yourself without giving up a lot of time. The RSA animated presentations don’t even try to sell you anything.  I could jump up and down with joy in pure pleasure to learn something in …

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Sep 17

Warning: Stress is NOT the Enemy

Have I told you I am a fan of TED Talks? I came across this one by Kelly McGonigal and I believe the message and research findings are consistent with the type of therapy I use. If you don’t know about the type of therapy I use, it is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). …

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Sep 03

Toons-day Tuesday: Pinterest

Have I told you I am hooked on Pinterest? I find beauty, humor, wisdom, travel ideas and so much more there. Below are some cartoons that keep a smile on my face and my work in perspective. The toons give me a chance laugh at myself. My thoughts on Waldo: We are a “Work in progress” and …

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Apr 22

My Juicy Volunteer Position

Last week I mentioned it is National Volunteer Month and I have been volunteering for years for an assortment of non-profits in the Denver area. Currently, I am the treasurer on the Rocky Mountain ACBS (Association of Contextual Behavior Sciences) which is a chapter of the world wide ACBS organization. Right now there is an opportunity …

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