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Jul 28

Take ACTion Training and Workshops

Life is hectic. Have you made plans then been sidetracked with chaos or crises and then struggled to get back in the flow of things? The first half of the year my time was devoted to a sick family member, my son. He was in kidney failure and needed a transplant. The good news – …

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Jan 11

How to Complete Your To Do List (Even If You’re a Procrastinator)

Once upon a time there was an important project waiting to be completed that would be of benefit to you and those around you and it never got done. Gasp!! Have you ever set out to complete a long term project just to find yourself distracted by other tasks that seem to get in the …

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Jan 30

10 Domains of Recovery

I met Kristina a few months ago on a social media platform. I checked out her website Ten Keys, A Holistic Approach to Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse. I was delighted with what I found. She brings together a concise and well organized resource for people who are on the journey of healing from childhood sexual …

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Nov 14

Quality of Life Backpack

What do you carry in your back pack for increasing the quality of your life? How do you know what is important to pack with you for the journey? Your back pack is just like life and is limited in what it will hold. The quality of your life depends on filling your back pack with purposeful and meaningul direction and then …

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Sep 25

5 Steps You Must Take Now to Harvest Your Wisdom or Lose 50% of the Gain from Pain

Stop! Don’t run off. Read part One to learn about step one and step two. Pain offers a harvest for you to be able to gather wisdom from and live a better life. When you wake up in the middle of the night wondering, “How did I get in this mess,” it is time to …

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Feb 02

Blow Your Socks off Time Management

Project management is the ultimate in time management. Lately, I have given up time management and switched to attention management as an effective way to complete tasks (projects) that are both large and small. Time management can feel like herding cats. It can get away from you. Time is out of our control while giving …

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Sep 17

Warning: Stress is NOT the Enemy

Have I told you I am a fan of TED Talks? I came across this one by Kelly McGonigal and I believe the message and research findings are consistent with the type of therapy I use. If you don’t know about the type of therapy I use, it is called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). …

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Jun 24

Pictures and Poems to Inspire

How are you doing this summer? Do you need a little pampering? I do so I I have been spending time this summer reading poetry and playing on Pinterest. So much fun and relaxing. Music too. So I am going to share some of my pleasures with you. Enjoy: Follow Your Dreams: by Amanda Bradley Follow …

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Apr 22

My Juicy Volunteer Position

Last week I mentioned it is National Volunteer Month and I have been volunteering for years for an assortment of non-profits in the Denver area. Currently, I am the treasurer on the Rocky Mountain ACBS (Association of Contextual Behavior Sciences) which is a chapter of the world wide ACBS organization. Right now there is an opportunity …

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Jan 27

Thrive Like Betty White: Become Self-Directed.

I am named after Brenda Starr who was considered a prima donna and a feminist with a mind of her own. She was a role model for me to learn about being self-directed.  Brenda Starr ran in the Sunday comic for over 70 years. Hence, I spent most of my formative years pouring over her newspaper …

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