Kathy Baur

  • I came away from our session energized and excited about my resume and cover letter. Coaching
  •  Brenda is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Her warm compassionate stance is spiced with a playfulness that reminds us not to take ourselves and life too seriously. Brenda’s ability to stretch her clients to grow in meaningful ways while providing a stable home to come back to facilitates the creation of a life beyond trauma. She is truly an amazing clinician.     Kathy Baur, Ph. D (JCMH Wellness)
  • … you’re always a wealth of helpful information and a beacon of support in the dark.  Tara Saulibio, MA, Registered Psychotherapist
  • Carol Cummings

    I met Brenda at an Introduction to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) seminar that she presented at the Colorado Counseling Association in 2012 .  Brenda is a caring therapist who is well trained to help people bring insight into their values and strengths.  I also participated in another workshop, ACT on Your Dreams: Beyond the Vision Board, that brought clarificationto areas of my life that had been unresolved.  Brenda’s expertise in ACT and Mindfulness has changed my life, thus, now I am pursuing training in both as  additional therapeutic tools to help my clientsJ. Carol Cummings, MA, LPC, NCC

  • This [workshop] will help with my emotional eating…useful…practical. Workshop Participant (You’re Not Who You Think You Are)
  • Exceptional…leraned new ways to change with defusion. Workshop Participant (Psychological Flexibility for the New Year)

    Nancy Wadsworth

  • …served as a guest speaker in my “Forgiveness, Politics, and Film class” several times. She has a powerful story, which she tells with courage and poise, and students invariably express gratitude that she was able to meet with us. I think she would be an excellent resource ….  for our GVESS response team trainings or other opportunities around campus.  Nancy Wadworth, Ph.D (Denver University Porfolio)
  • While attending University of Denver, I had the honor of hearing Brenda Bomgardner speak to our class.  She was heartfelt, sincere, and factual concerning the issue of sexual abuse…giving a voice to the issues of sexual abuse. She is an inspiration and a beacon of light for those surrounded by darkness and fear.     Cindy Sheets
  •  Brenda was truly a pleasure to work with. She went “above and beyond” and gave unselfishly of her time and attention. She demonstrated empathy and provided care that was appropriate and therapeutic.  Maribeth Flanagen, LPC


  •  Intelligent, insightful, hardworking, well motivated…a pleasure to work with…  Paul Zweig, MD 


  • I found Brenda to be compassionate, concerned and genuine.  She  listened attentively.  She urged me to explore the causes of my struggles and my pain.  More than this, she offered insights, insights derived not from a textbook but from her own life experience and from genuinely listening to what I shared with her.  I am grateful to this day for the changes and the healing that have come to pass in my life.  Brenda has been a guide.  My heartfelt opinion is that she is a gifted woman on course with her calling.  Finding Brenda was a gift to me. Client: JS


  •  I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me!  When certain things come up in my life I have so many tools … I feel confidant in myself now. You are very gifted at what you do and very kind and compassionate about how you helped me see certain things. I am crying tears of joy as I write this to you. Realizing how far I have come to be in the place I am now with my relationships.
    With much gratitude. Client: JP
    Jeremy David Savage

    Jeremy David Savage

  • Brenda  has a reputation in Denver for being progressive, real, versatile, and  practical. She is also a Board Certified Coach and an author. She is very well versed at hosting workshops and assimilating whatever will help clients move forward. Colleague: Jeremy David Savage
  • Concepts I have learned from working with you. I was also able to define real, measurable goals for myself in three areas: finances, health, and career …have noticed that my daily work towards them have helped me to stay focused, present, and confident. .

    Again, thanks for all of your help. Working with you has really been a game-changer. Counseling Client SB