Nov 22

The Truth about the Delusion of The Secret and Think Positive

Do you like quick learning opportunities where the information is immediately useful? I do. And RSA You Tube offers some wonderful opportunities to indulge yourself without giving up a lot of time. The RSA animated presentations don’t even try to sell you anything.  I could jump up and down with joy in pure pleasure to learn something in less than 10 minutes which is helpful and free. Most of the animated presentations are researched supported data. Even better! The drawing is captivating.

If you have been shaming yourself because you have tried positive thinking, diligent self-affirmations, and devoted your time and money on changing your life through the power of your thoughts, give yourself a break.



The RSA is a 258 year-old charity devoted to creating social progress and spreading world-changing ideas. For more information about their research, RSA Animates, free events programme and 27,000 strong Fellowship.
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After you watch the presentation I am curious what you found most interesting. Leave a comment so I know if you are interested in stuff like this. Or if you don’t like it let me know that too.

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(C) Copyright 2013 Brenda Bomgardner, MA, LPC, NCC, BCC.




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  1. Roz Ann Biondo

    It IS important to stay in reality. Good video!

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Roz Ann, Welcome to Creating Your Beyond. Yes, yes it is important to stay in reality and to recognize when we have magical thinking. Since you have the secret of staying aware of what is reality do you have any tips for people who are caught up in punishing themselves for being stuck magical thinking?

      Hope to hear from you again soon.

  2. RG

    This is extremely helpful. I have been beating myself up for years. Around 2007, I saw the movie The Secret and started heavily reading Abraham-Hicks, where a woman named Esther Hicks and her charlatan husband claimed to channel a nonphysical entity called Abraham that instructed people on the Law of Attraction.

    I bought about 5 Abraham-Hicks books. Fortunately, I did not get bilked out of hundreds of dollars like some people have for these “teachings”. Since August 2008, when I had a devastating personal loss that I was trying to “fix” and recover from, I have received daily emails from this company and I have beaten myself up for being so stupid that I can’t figure out how to apply this magical Law in my daily life. I read and re-read the books, convinced that if I just applied myself a little more, I could magnetize all the wonderful things being held in “vibrational escrow” for me. Every day for five years, 1,913 days, I have opened my email and read the daily quote from Abraham Hicks and prayed that maybe today would be the day that it would sink in through my thick skull and I would finally get the relief and the good things that I have hoped and prayed for.

    This is such a relief that it’s not me. If these riches were so easy to have, we all would have them. This is a tool for social control. Personally, I found worst to be when Esther Hicks speaking as “Abraham” denigrates people who get horrible illnesses or who have lost limbs — she says that nobody can get cancer without emanating a cancer vibration, and that nobody is regrowing limbs because they don’t believe they can. If that’s not cruel, I don’t know what is.

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      RG, I believe we all want our wishes to come true. Me too. When one of my family members became very ill I would have made a deal with the devil to “fix” the problem. Hence, I think it is really normal to bargain especially with grief. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, an expert on death and dying, points out that wishful thinking and bargaining is one of the stages of grief. It’s normal. Hence, you are not alone. I deeply appreciate you saying you put in the effort with no results as you became clear it sometimes takes grits to get results. I hope you are in a place of self-compassion and forgiveness.

      Your experience gave you the wisdom to know the reality of “vibrational escrow.”

  3. Roz Ann Biondo

    Sometimes I have the secret, whatever that may be Brenda *, but most times not.
    It does boil down to what is real in life though, doesn’t it?
    I have had much needed magical thinking in life, as it was the only way my mind could cope with the absolute horror of reality(ies).
    But in the end, if one is able, reality bites all of us.

    I really appreciate someone recognizing that not everyone can do magic thinking to change situations, realities that are NOT going to change, no matter how nice it may be to think otherwise.

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