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Thrive Like Betty White: Become Self-Directed.

Brenda Starr

Dale Messick

Wonder Woman

I am named after Brenda Starr who was considered a prima donna and a feminist with a mind of her own. She was a role model for me to learn about being self-directed.  Brenda Starr ran in the Sunday comic for over 70 years. Hence, I spent most of my formative years pouring over her newspaper adventures and dreaming about the day when I grow up and take charge of my life.


In my teens Wonder Woman replaced Brenda Starr and I dreamt of being a super hero.  Fast forward and now Betty White is my role model. Why? She is doing what she wants. She is self-directing her career by not fading away or hibernating from the cameras.  She’s out there doing her own thing and funnier than ever not to mention downright popular.Self-directed means being guided by oneself, especially as an independent agent.


Self-directed people are less prone to feel compelled by the influences of external control and constraints based on other peoples judgments. They are independent thinkers who exhibit self-reliance and autonomy.  Rarely will you hear a self-directed person expressing opinions of being a victim. Even if something bad happens resilience is their nature.Self-directed people have a knowing of their closely held values as a guiding force in living life.  Can someone become self-directed? I believe we can all learn to become more self-directed by clarifying what energizes us through values exploration and choosing to be in congruence with those values.  This takes courage by moving beyond your comfort zone into the “growth zone.”

Betty White

Betty White

I help people become more self-directed through counseling, coaching and workshops. I have a workshop coming up on Ground Hog day which is Saturday (2/2/2013). Click here to read about the workshop, Modern Marvels: Mindfulness-based ACT.


Brenda Starr: writers –  Dale Messick (Associated Press)  and Mary Schmich (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Wonder Woman: Creator- William Moulton Marsten

Betty White: Off Their Rockers photo NBC – Queen of TV comedy

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  1. Tara Saulibio

    I love it, Brenda! Self direction, resilience, and congruence? You are speaking my language! Plus, I’ve loved Betty White since The Golden Girls; I have my mom’s autograph book (remember those?!) from when she was a little girl and guess whose signature is in it!

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Tara, It is a delight to have you stop in and share your thoughts. The Golden Girls were great to watch. Not many shows give women over th age of 40/50 air time.

      Your autograph book must be really precious. I am going to guess Betty White’s signature is in the autograph book. Certainly not Brenda Starr or Wonder Woman.

      Warmly, Brenda

      PS: Sorry I did not get back to your commects sooner. Your comment did not appear on the “dashboard” of my backstage page.

  2. Carol Cummings

    Brenda! I love the freshness and humor you bring every week in your ACT workshop! I leave refreshed, renewed and I’m learning how to thrive not just survive in life. I am fortunate to benefit from your knowledge, understanding and expertise of Mindfulness by applying it on a personal level and with my clients.

  3. Brenda Bomgardner

    Carol, You are a joy to have in the workshops. Gosh, I think I might be blushing with the generous compliments. Most of all it is great to hear you are embracing the thrive in life. Mindfulness helps people live a life in the present moment… and now that you mention it…that is the only way you can truely live life. Not in yesterday to in tomorrow.

    Warmly, Brenda

  1. Take ACTion Training and Workshops | Creating Your Beyond, LLC

    […] I posted a blog about Self-Directed Living here. […]

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