Sep 03

Toons-day Tuesday: Pinterest

Have I told you I am hooked on Pinterest?

I find beauty, humor, wisdom, travel ideas and so much more there.

Below are some cartoons that keep a smile on my face and my work in perspective.

The toons give me a chance laugh at myself.


My thoughts on Waldo: We are a “Work in progress” and not ever finished.

Enjoy the adventure and keep an open mind.

Be curious.


9db54825110b2998731c200245bb0da9 Perfect


I adore the courageousness of people.

Quite often people come to therapy because,

They feel broken or damaged and,

 Not good enough because they are striving for perfection.

Nothing in nature is perfect and

Nature is beautiful,

And so are you.



You are not a problem to be solved.

You are a human that transcends labels.

Feel Free to pop in and visit my Pinterest page.

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Mental Health Humor and cartoons

Mental Health Humor and cartoons (Photo credit: Mental Health Humor)

(C) Copyright 2013, Brenda Bomgardner, MA, LPC, NCC, BCC

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    HI Brenda:

    What a lovely blog and website. Thanks for sharing these pins. I too find that injecting humor into my therapy work makes it a lot less, well, work! Thanks for the smiles.

    Amy Maricle

    1. Brenda Bomgardner

      Amy, it is so nice of you to stop by. I believe we have a mutual virtual connection with Tamara Suttle. I notice you use Art Therapy in your private practice. How do you help people connect to their humor through art? Keeping a lighter side when parenting helped me with parenting knowing that by the time my kidos reached their 20s they would know how to use please and thank you.


    HI Brenda:

    I sometimes use sarcasm in my own art, but because the art is something that channels through my clients, I bring humor in the room more verbally than anything. I too find that keeping a sense of humor both about the process and about myself in parenting helps me stay calm and collected, which, in turn, helps my kids do the same. All the best and thanks again.

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